As a means of making the show a little more accessible to people who have difficulty hearing, the show is now providing transcripts for most episodes (hey, I lost a couple, OK?). Moving forward from Episode 53, the transcript will be automatically added to the website, and I’ll be filling in the gaps a few at a time until I’ve got as much done as I can. 

A link to each transcript will be available from the show’s individual post page, and they’ll all be accessible from here as well. 

Episode 1: I’m Not In Love by 10cc

Episode 2: Sukiyaki by Kyu Sakamoto

Episode 3: The Buckinghams’ Greatest Hits

Episode 53: Both Sides Now

Episode 54: Walk on the Wild Side

Episode 55: Ghostbusters

Episode 56: Shout

Episode 57–Shel Silverstein, Part I

Episode 58–Alice’s Restaurant Massacree

Episode 59–Another Brick in the Wall

Episode 60–Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Episode 61–Indian Reservation

Episode 62–Almost Christmas

Episode 63–Shel Silverstein, Part 2

Episode 64–One Bad Apple

Episode 65–Dust In the Wind

Episode 66–Heroes

Episode 67–Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Episode 68–Different Drum

Episode 69–In the Year 2525

Episode 70–Iko Iko

Episode 71–Whip It

Episode 72–Total Eclipse of the Heart

Episode 73–Classical Gas

Episode 74–Quarter to Three

Episode 75: Scenes From an Italian Restaurant

Episode 76: You Never Even Called Me By My Name

Episode 77: Somebody to Love

Episode 78: My Generation

Episode 79: The Boxer

Episode 80: YMCA

Episode 81: Runaway

Episode 82: Under the Covers 4

Episode 83: Kung Fu Fighting

Episode 84: Chapel of Love

Episode 85: Can’t Give it Away on Seventh Avenue (not available)

Episode 86: First Man on the Moon

Episode 87: Hair

Episode 88–Manson and the White Album

Episode 89–Woodstock

Episode 90–Long Cool Woman (in a Black Dress)