As a means of making the show a little more accessible to people who have difficulty hearing, the show is now providing transcripts for most episodes (hey, I lost a couple, OK?). Moving forward from Episode 53, the transcript will be automatically added to the website, and I’ll be filling in the gaps a few at a time until I’ve got as much done as I can. 

A link to each transcript will be available from the show’s individual post page, and they’ll all be accessible from here as well. 

Episode 1: I’m Not In Love by 10cc

Episode 2: Sukiyaki by Kyu Sakamoto

Episode 3: The Buckinghams’ Greatest Hits

Episode 53: Both Sides Now

Episode 54: Walk on the Wild Side

Episode 55: Ghostbusters

Episode 56: Shout

Episode 57–Shel Silverstein, Part I

Episode 58–Alice’s Restaurant Massacree

Episode 59–Another Brick in the Wall

Episode 60–Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Episode 61–Indian Reservation

Episode 62–Almost Christmas

Episode 63–Shel Silverstein, Part 2

Episode 64–One Bad Apple

Episode 65–Dust In the Wind

Episode 66–Heroes

Episode 67–Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Episode 68–Different Drum