Where have I been?

Let’s start with: I’m okay, my family is okay, everybody’s okay. My wife, as you may know, was considered especially vulnerable to the virus and spent a lot of time in the Southern Studio, but she’s back home and everyone in the household is fully vaccinated, thank goodness. But that doesn’t have a lot to do with where I’ve been.

The fact is, I’m a victim of my own success.

This show is considered “big, for a small podcast” which typically doesn’t mean that much, but in recent months the show has seen a small surge in growth. This happens every now and again: I see a sudden uptick in downloads and then it levels off for a long while until another uptick comes along. My listenership managed to cross some critical thresholds this time around.

So it was time once again for me to think about choosing another provider to host the show. I’ve done it before and it’s typically not a big deal. In fact, it usually goes so smoothly that you don’t know the difference.

The problem that I bumped into this time is that the new host has limits for data uploads that I didn’t know about, because the show’s length (in minutes and seconds) isn’t usually enough to create a problem for me. It’s when I started migrating older shows into the new space that I suddenly had a problem, and I was prevented from uploading anything else until a month had gone by and the meter reset itself.

So my options were to buy more data to upload for a single cycle, or wait it out. I chose to wait it out, since I’d recently spent the money on the new hosting and the new theme music, some of which you haven’t even heard yet.

There’s a little more detail in this audio clip here, which should already be in your podcatcher:

Thanks for listening! I’ve got some exciting stuff coming up in the near future and moving into summer!